Emanuel Fuchs * 1918

Emanuel Fuchs was born in 1918 in Vienna and lived with his family in the 2nd district, where he went to school and his father owned a bookbinders. After the Anschluss, Fuchs was imprisoned and was brought to the “Notarrest” (temporary jail) in Kenyongasse. He was later sent to Dachau Concentration Camp, where he was imprisoned for several weeks until he returned to Vienna and was forced to leave the country. Fuchs was able to emigrate with a friend to the USA via Germany, Amsterdam and Belgium. After serving in the US Army, Fuchs settled in New York and worked as a jeweler.

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Interview form:
Interview location:
New Jersey, USA
Interview language:
German, English
Andreas Barth
Interview duration:
LBI New York
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Date of interview:
November 3, 2001
Emanuel Fuchs
Birth name:
Mendel Fuchs
Date of birth:
April 1, 1918
Place of birth:
Wien, Austria
Route of escape
1939 Vienna, German Reich
1939 Kaltenkirchen, German Reich
1939 Aachen, German Reich
1939 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1939 Brussels, Belgium
1939 Antwerp, Belgium
1939 New York City, USA
Stages of life
Here is a chronological list of the places that feature in the life story of the interviewed person.
Vienna, Austria
Dachau Concentration Camp, Dachau, German Reich
New York City, USA
Haschomer Hazair - Vienna, Austria
Januar 1941 to 1942
United States Army - USA
1924 to 1928
Compulsory schooling
Volksschule Schönngasse (elementary school),
Schönngasse 2, 1020
Vienna, Austria
1928 to 1932
Compulsory schooling
Mittelschule Feuerbachstraße (today: Neue Mittelschule mit Schwerpunkt Informatik Feuerbach (NMSi Feuerbach) - middle school),
Feuerbachstraße 1, 1020
Vienna, Austria

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Graphic arts, printing, paper, photography
Area of employment or profession
Textiles, fashion, leather
Trade and sales
New York
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In Notarrest (temporary jail) Kenyongasse
In Notarrest (temporary jail) Pramergasse
Imprisonment in Dachau Concentration Camp
Fleeing Austria
Anti-Semitism before the Anschluss
Reparation in Austria