1. What is the purpose of the database?

The database can be used for academic study, as a learning resource as for private, non-commercial use. No commercial use is permitted.


2. Where does the material on the website come from?

a) The interviews come from the collections of the Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem (LBI Jerusalem) and the Leo Baeck Institute New York (LBI New York).

b) The transcripts and the learning module were produced by the organisation Austrian Heritage Collection, whose aim it is to ensure to promote the scientific study of the legacy of Austrian survivors of the Holocaust.

c) The copyright holders of all supplementary content (e.g. photographs) are shown in the appropriate place and also on the imprint page.  


3. What should I be aware of when using the database?

a) The audio and video interviews, the transcripts and the database are all protected by copyright.

b) Copying, disseminating, presenting, performing or editing of the individual items or sections of the protected works is not permitted without the express permission of the copyright holder unless permitted under the law.

c) The content of the website can only be displayed in the intended way made possible by the website itself. The use of special technical tools to create copies (e.g. screenshots, recordings, forced downloads) is not permitted.